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About Me:

Making and designing jewellery is in my blood. My father is a well established silversmith. His workshop was at the back of the family home. I would come home from school and run into the workshop to see what he had been making each day. By the age of eight i was in their myself  creating jewellery and trinkets for family and friends.


For many years I would spend my weekends in the workshop creating my latest designs and even commissions for dads clients.

At the age of 17 I moved from my Lincolnshire home to London where I began my studies at The Goldsmiths Centre. I was one of the first cohort of students on the Pre-Apprentice Foundation scheme, a new and innovative course which would begin the training of the future craftsman. I completed my year on the course with a Distinction as well as winning The Benvenuto Award for excellence. From here I moved back to my life in the Lincolnshire countryside to undertake a five year apprenticeship with my father. I trained in the art of Diamond Mounting and completed my apprenticeship in 2017. Upon completion I received The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths Apprentice of the year award.

In 2018 I created my company  where I started making my own jewellery designs, specialising in bespoke pieces and the remodelling of family heirloom jewellery.

2004: Aged 10, Wax carving in the workshop
2013:The day I was indentured as an apprentice 
with my family.
2017: With my father the day I received my
Freedom of The Worshipful Company of
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